Pattern Transfer of Electron-Beam Modified Self-Assembled Monolayers for High-Resolution Lithography


M. J. Lercel, M. Rooks, R. C. Tiberio, H. G. Craighead, C. W. Sheen, A. N. Parikh, D. L. Allara, Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B 13, 1139 (1995)

Self‐assembled monolayers of octadecylsiloxane and octadecylthiol have been modified by high‐resolution electron beam lithography. Focused electron beams from 1 to 50 keV and scanning tunneling microscopy at ∼10 eV have been used as patterning tools. The patterns have been transferred into many substrates by wet, dry, and combinations of wet and dry etches. Wet etching almost always results in a positive tone, but reactive ion etching of GaAs with Cl2 at very low dc biases ( less than 10 V) results in a negative tone. The effect of electron beam damage on the monolayers and the subsequent etching reactions has been explored through x‐ray photoelectron spectroscopy.

DOI: 10.1116/1.588225