The Existence of Structure Progressions and Wetting Transitions in Intermediately Disordered Monolayer Alkyl Chain Assemblies


David L. Allara, Atul N. Parikh, and Elizabeth Judge, Journal of Chemical Physics 100, 1761 (1994)

Partial monolayers of uniform length alkyl chains [CH3(CH2) n –; n=10–21] bonded at constant coverage onto a disordered lattice of silanol groups on amorphous SiO2, exhibit a distinct change in surfacewetting behavior for 14≤n≤17 which correlates closely with a significant shift in the average conformational ordering of the chains. These data provide definitive evidence for the existence of a family of surface‐constrained, intermediately ordered phases of discrete length, flexible chains and imply that broad classes of these families exist.