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Jan. 2017: On the Cover of Soft Matter: Spontaneous Tubulation...

Mar. 2016: On the Cover of Langmuir: Vesicle Osmoregulation...

Jan. 2016: The antiviral AH peptide paper, now online at the Biophysical Journal.

Conferences  >>

251st ACS National Meeting, "Membrane Structure, Assembly, and Dynamics" Symposium, Mar 13-17, 2016, San Diego, CA.

2016 Gordon Research Conference on Biointerface Science June 12-17, 2016 Les Diablerets, Switzerland.

Summer Interns  >>

G.R.E.A.T. Undergraduates, Zexu (Alex) Yang and Yaven (Kathy) Deng, both from Zhejiang University, completes 2015 Summer Internships.   >>

Varun Sharma, BITS Pilani, completes his Undergraduate Thesis Research at UC Davis, Summer 2015.

Graduations  >>

Best Wishes to Viviane - doing bigger and better things in the real world..

Doug walks the graduation walk.


Ozge walks the graduation walk.


Josh earns his Ph.D. in Biophysics.

Congratulations  >>

Sean earns 2016-2017 Summer Graduate Student Researcher Award.

Jeremy earns Lawrence Student Fellowship for thesis research with Alex Noy at LLNL.

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